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Improved flexibility, strengthened mindful behavior, enhanced balance, and body awareness. These are just some of the benefits to establishing a regular yoga practice. Being a part of the online community brings these advantages and more. Read below how we’ve helped others discover their home practice.

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

"I am so grateful for the opportunities The Yoga Haven has given me to continue my yoga practice during this pandemic.  I have been a faithful once-a-week yoga student since the studio opened in 2005, I always thought I would go more than once a week, but of course I was always “too busy” and took comfort in the fact that with consistent once-weekly classes I had incrementally gained flexibility, strength, balance and overall well-being.   When the stay-at-home orders began in March, I felt I had the tools to continue a regular practice on my own.  But, for whatever reasons, I didn’t seem to make the time, or my attempts were brief and uninspiring.  I missed the benefits of having a great yogi to motivate and guide me. When I finally checked out the virtual classes offered by The Yoga Haven, I was thrilled.  I could choose the date, time, type and length of class. I could tune in with teachers I was familiar with, or try out new teachers who introduced me to different techniques and perspectives.   With no exception, I have found each class and teacher excellent - easy to follow, warm and encouraging, different and interesting. I always feel better after one of my at-home yoga classes and  I am finally participating more than once a week!  I quickly used up my remaining class pass, and was able to easily renew it online."

Anne Woodson

"When I first moved to Galveston, I found The Yoga Haven. It quickly became my sanctuary , where I found great teachers & classes, like-minded people & even my new best friend. When Corona hit, I was afraid of losing this treasure. Kathleen persevered through, and began offering Yoga Haven online classes. Now I have the same experience - really an enhanced one. Every Monday and Wednesday I turn my living room into a haven. I do miss the studio, and the feeling it brought me. But, I don’t miss my teacher or my friends. I’ve just brought it all home."

Callie Liles

"I began taking yoga classes with Kathleen over 20 years ago. During all of those years, as The Yoga Haven grew and evolved, the quality of teaching has always remained consistently excellent. I have found that same commitment to quality in the virtual version of The Yoga Haven's classes. I've enjoyed the variety in focus and length of sessions.
While I miss the community of in-person classes, my yoga practice goes on."

Happy Spillar

"I had no idea stepping foot into The Yoga Haven a year ago that I was about to embark on a physical, mental and spiritual self-renewal! Thank you, Kathleen and The Yoga Haven staff, for inspiring my yoga journey - as class by class you each share, ever so thoughtfully, from your own practice in person and online."

Catherine Chaffee

"My experience with The Yoga Haven is one of support that nurtures my body and mind. In 2015 I started with Yoga 101, and I have benefited from the dedication of Kathleen and her staff ever since. During this time of uncertainty and social distancing, Kathleen's dedication to keep us connected with a yoga practice has been a very special gift. Using what I've learned in the studio has helped at home as I continue my yoga practice online with Kathleen and the friends I’ve made at The Yoga Haven."

Anthony Rios

"The virtual yoga classes offered by The Yoga Haven provide me with a time to unplug and recharge.  Of course nothing beats being in the studio, but hearing familiar voices come through while practicing has really helped me feel connected.  Yoga is an important part of my life and I’m grateful to The Yoga Haven for their flexibility in offering classes I can attend from my own home.  I would encourage any student to participate, it is amazing what time on the mat can do."

Denise Alexander


"If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is how to adapt, and the transformation of The Yoga Haven to a virtual and live-streaming practice has been a true blessing for me. 

With the click of a mouse I am brought out of isolation and greeted in real time by my Gentle Yoga classmates, and by the warmth of Kathleen’s voice and presence as she offers us clear oral and visual instruction throughout the 75-minute class. 

I’ve also taken advantage of the (ever-expanding!) YH video library in order to practice on my own, with particular need of Wendy Russo’s Yoga for Bone Health offering. I intend to get to all of them…"

Janet Persons

Santa Fe, NM

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